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the players

Rickie Hopkins
   - Drums, Bells, Percussion
Joel Polacci
   - Congas, Bongos, Percussion
Jeremy Quezada
   - Guitars
Julio Quezada
   - Guitars
Ralph Reitinger
   - Bass
Justin Quezada
   - Special Guest - Guitars


Mixed and Mastered
      for J.D. Records by
      Keith Homerski
Recorded at
      Midtown Recording Studios
      February 2002

disk 1

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La Diva
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Ginnys Place
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Leather Pants
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   [ broadband 362 KB | stream ]
Labios Rojos
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11 Latin instrumentals

MAMBO is a five piece group that mixes Latin, jazz, funk, and African sounds in such a way that appeals to a universal people.


You really like to tap your feet to music, but you don't necessarily want to get up to do anything about it. The sun is warm, the water is perfect, you have just the right amount of privacy.

Time for Mambo.

You want to move your body to the music, but you want an instrumental sound, with conversation and dance weaving together around a Latin flavor, with Calypso, Spanish, and Brazillian seasonings. Something that works quiet and not-so-quiet.

Time for Mambo.

You want to savor the day, relaxing as the sun sets over paradise, with the rhythm of the music making you look forward to the night.

Time for Mambo.

Dance, relax, enjoy - Mambo. From J.D. Records.

Mambo, 11 tracks of music.

liner notes

Mambo is a five piece group
that mixes Latin, jazz, funk,
and African sounds in such a way
that appeals to a universal people.

Mambo would like to thank all those
who have supported the band,
families, and friends.

Thanks to Papermoon,
Midtown Recording,
the city of Erie,
and especially J.D. Hopkins
for his huge support and
the making of this CD possible.

>> buy this cd: $11.00


Music Production ©2005 J.D. Records, Richard Carl Hopkins, All Rights Reserved
Promotion Distribution ©2005 Frank Singer, Naked Kitty Productions, All Rights Reserved

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