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16 collective improvisations

the musical evolution continues

The elements of music are melody, harmony, rhythm and form. When J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm create this music, live in the studio or on stage, they move through the elements of music freely. The skill, sensitivity and experience of each musician combines to create disc ten: Moving Through The Elements.

Multi-instrumentalist Singer puts it this way: "J.D. has assembled a highly talented, finely tuned group of musicians, any one of whom could be the cornerstone of a band. These players have reflexes - the ability to react to what they hear. We all play our own styles, but being ready for the unexpected is part of the nature of our playing. J.D.'s music allows us to explore this, and bring this active/reactive part of our experience to the forefront."

When you listen to Moving Through the Elements, you will hear the dichotomy of evolution and revolution. All good music, and in fact all good art, has a dynamic of tension and resolution. Part of the tension here is between what usually happens in music and what could happen. The resolution is the music itself - alive and ready to move you through the elements.


MOVING THROUGH THE ELEMENTS, 16 tracks of music.


disk 1

1: Majic Morning Day
2: Calls of the Night
3: Ode to Bob Marley
4: Waves
5: Space Traffic
6: Early Morning Rising
7: Mindless Over Mater

disk 2

8: 11 and 8
9: Ode to John Coltrane
10: Cruise Control
11: Dark Matter Rhumba
12: Dirge
13: Birth
14: Jayson and Frank Dialogue
15: Intergalactic Drift
16: Dan's Strut

the players

J.D. Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Dan Schwartz
Joe Dorris
Kenny Cornelius
David Blaetz
Mike Ohm
Sheldon Peterson
Phil Papotnik
Frank Singer


Produced by J.D. Hopkins
Cover Art by Joseph Allen Popp
Cover Layout by Mark Saunders
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by
    Randy Hetherington
Recorded at Midtown Recording

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