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One World



14 Reggae World-Beat Funk Latin Hip-Hop tunes

Powerful Reggae World-Beat Funk Latin Hip-Hop Music
Frees Your Mind as it Heals Your Spirit and Rocks the House

"We are One World Tribe, you are One World Tribe, and that is the human family."

These fourteen tracks of hard-hitting jams include the 1999 John Lennon Songwriting Contest World Category Finalist title-track Unity and Diversity. Along with twelve originals and a jam over The Meters' Chicken Strut, the Pello El Afrikan classic Maria Caracoles rounds out an eclectic collection of music that remains cohesive despite the stylistic changes.

Unity and Diversity, 14 tracks of music.


disk 1

Go Forward
    - (Preach Freedom, Frank Singer)

We Are One
    - (Matty Walker, Kennedy Thompson)

Keep On Struttin' (Chicken Song)
    - (Preacha, Nocentelli, Porter, Neville, Modeliste)

Maria Caracoles
    - (Pello El Afrikan)

No Justice, No Peace
    - (Preach Freedom)

Money Don't Make It Right
    - (Kennedy Thompson, Preach Freedom,
    Frank Singer, Mike Chin)

Mosi Oa Tuni
    - (Brad Amidon)

Wanty Wanty
    - (Mike Chin)

Wish You Love
    - (Preach Freedom)

Who Gets The Money?
    - (Frank Singer, Preach Freedom)

    - (Frank Singer, Kennedy Thompson,
    Matty Walker, Enrique Lozada)

Mr. Gahnjah Mon
    - (Mike Chin, Preach Freedom)

No Justice No Peace (King's X Remix)
    - (Preach Freedom)

Unity And Diversity
    - (Frank Singer)


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©2003 - jdhopkins.com | chelaBOP

the players

Brad Amidon
   - drums, percussion
Mark Marchant
   - percussion
Frank Singer
   - keyboards, sax
Kennedy Thompson
   - vocals, keyboards,
Kenny Hollis
   - guitar
Matty Walker
   - percussion
   - lead vocals
Mike Chin
   - bass
Barnetta De Boe
   - vocals
Enrique Lozada
   - vocals


M'Baye Rama Diagne
   - vocals, djembe
Terrance Simien
   - vocals, accordian,
Eric Walker
   - vocals
Lauren Hughes
   - vocals, keyboards
Mike Ohm
   - guitar
Randy Baumann
   - keyboards, clinton
Diego Andujar
   - guira
D.J. Chilly J.
   - background vocals

unity horns

Bruce Johnstone
   - saxes, flute
Brian Hannah
   - trumpet
Phil Papotnik
   - saxes
Dave Stevens
   - trombone



recorded at
      TRS Audio
engineered by
      John Mazza
produced by
      Rusty Jackson
      Sugar Man Productions
additional recording
      Tom Hitt
      Everette Eighmy
      Keith Veshecco
art direction & design
      Matty Walker
design and digital magic
      Matt Ehrsam
      Digital Alchemy

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