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"Cutting-edge muzak from God"

Don Huber
Pensacola College Professor

"J.D. - You're making some great f**king music. I'm getting a lot of work done in the studio while listening to the two CDs I have ( Primate Gestures and Music From Another Planet). Every time I listen I hear something new. However, I'm also a shameless user of music so please send me any more stuff you have. Your music sounds new and innovative and with great musicianship but it also seems like I've been hearing it in my head for all my life somehow."

"If your music was pumped through public sound systems all over, people would go around a lot healthier, happier, and with energy."

"I don't think it's weird and I know the Public and University and College Radio stations all over the country have shows that would play the hell out of it without you having to tour. There are two stations in Atlanta alone that would play it. It's the kind of music we need now that jazz is dead and "new age" is suspect and mostly lightweight."

"It's cutting-edge muzak from God - SEND ME MORE! - please."

"Take care - Don"

  - Professor Don Huber

Professor Huber recently retired from Pensacola College in Florida where he taught Art, Drawing and Painting. He was Visiting Artist in Residence in Japan in 2001. Professor Huber is a Painter, Photographer and Author whose works are held in numerous private collections.

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