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the players

Frank Singer
Mike Ohm
Mark Chulick
Tony Stefanelli
J.D. Hopkins
Jayson Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Joe Popp
Joel Polacci
Kenny Cornelius
Sheldon Peterson


      J.D. Hopkins & Randy Hetherington
engineering, mix, mastering.....
      Randy Hetherington
cover photo.....Jordan Hopkins
cover design.....Mark Saunders
recorded at Midtown Recording
Printing by Diane at PIP
©2004 J.D. Records

disk 1

Jeannie with Light Brown
   [ broadband 1,000 KB | stream ]
Near Death Experience
   [ broadband 783 KB | stream ]
Country Breezin'
   [ broadband 501 KB | stream ]
Too Cool
   [ broadband 499 KB | stream ]
Walkin' with Katz and Bears
   [ broadband 611 KB | stream ]
The Roosters
   [ broadband 855 KB | stream ]
Laid Back Groovin'
   [ broadband 713 KB | stream ]

disk 2

What's Up
   [ broadband 977 KB | stream ]
Heisenberg "Quantum Events"
   [ broadband 1,198 KB | stream ]
Moon Walking
   [ broadband 539 KB | stream ]
No. 1 Pop Music
   [ broadband 698 KB | stream ]

Album list

quantum events

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collective improvisation direct-to-disc

The classic view of the world is one of fixed permanence, where predictable cycles regulate the rhythm of life. Contemporary knowledge reveals the random side, where possibility cascades into inevitability, converging on Quantum Events. In the music on this Album, the classic, predictable elements - chords, scales, beats and grooves - weave their way together in a spontaneous texture of contemporary improvisation, held together by the creativity of the performers.

These performers bring American Music to the table, resulting in a mix that can be funky one moment, world beat the next, and jazzy a few moments after that. There is an echo of the free sessions of Miles Davis, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock, with occasional Allman Brothers, John McLaughlin, and Ornette Coleman for good measure.

The influences of Jack DeJohnette, Elvin Jones, and Art Blakey mix with flavorings of Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade, creating the rhythmic foundation for the music to build upon. All of this takes place amidst musicians that also cut their teeth on American blues and Rock and Roll. Guitar sounds remind you of Jeff Beck, McLaughlin, and Santana, jamming over grooves that could be Latin or Hip Hop, funk or swing, seasoned with electronic sounds and effects, and all played live and unrehearsed.

J.D. Hopkins and his two sons Rickie and Jayson handle the drums and percussion along with conga player Joel Polacci. The non-verbal communication of family members who have played together their whole lives allows the rhythm to emerge naturally, reacting to the surrounding colorations of the other musicians. The experience Joel and Rickie have playing together in Mambo only adds to the flow.

Three guitarists, all with experience playing together in different situations, manage to cooperate without collision, and even manage to make room for a fourth on No. 1 Pop Music. Singer's frequent move to keyboards, coupled with the use of guitar-synthesizers by him and Mike Ohm allow for color and instrumentation changes beyond the number of players. The handling of the bass guitar by Stefanelli solidifies the music even as it changes it, keeping the foundation, even during the flights of fancy these players are wont to take.

The cuts on Quantum Events will stick with you, with snippets of melody, groove and texture bringing you back to the music of the moment. Despite the lack of planning this music emerges intact, never to occur in the same balance of actualized possibility again.

QUANTUM EVENTS, 11 tracks of music.

On this fifth Album of collective improvisation, we found ourselves back together with familiar faces, while adding a few new ones. Rickie, Jayson and J.D. kept the rhythm with Joel adding congas on a few cuts. Tony handled the bulk of the bass playing. Bassist Mark Chulick pairs with Jayson on traps for a cut, and Kenny returns for the jam with Joe Popp. Sheldon plays on 5 cuts, and except for track 7, Mike and I are in full attendance.

Once again the music is totally spontaneous, relying on the listening skills of these fine, creative musicians. We are all grateful to J.D. for providing us with the opportunity to play together, and we hope you enjoy hearing this music as much as we enjoy making it.

Frank Singer

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Music Production ©2004 J.D. Records, Richard Carl Hopkins, All Rights Reserved
Promotion Distribution ©2004 Frank Singer, Naked Kitty Productions, All Rights Reserved

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