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the players

Sheldon Peterson
Kenny Cornelius
Scott Cravener
Randy Hetherington
Jayson Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
J.D. Hopkins
Mike Ohm
David Blaetz
Tony Stefanelli
Frank Singer


production.....J.D. Hopkins
engineering, mix, mastering.....
      Randy Hetherington
cover art.....David Grajek
cover design.....Mark Saunders
recorded at Midtown Recording
dedicated to Cootie Harris
CD Duplication by FAR
Printing by Diane at PIP
©2004 J.D. Records

disk 1

    [ broadband 651 KB | stream ]
Slidin' with Scott
    [ broadband 955 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 775 KB | stream ]
Circus Thoughts
    [ broadband 619 KB | stream ]
Still Walkin' to Africa
    [ broadband 1,009 KB | stream ]
Taking off
    [ broadband 205 KB | stream ]
Multicultural Journey
    [ broadband 929 KB | stream ]
New Orleans Strut
    [ broadband 715 KB | stream ]

disk 2

Sheldon's thing
    [ broadband 785 KB | stream ]
Sound check
    [ broadband 709 KB | stream ]
American Bandstand
   [Where is the Beat?]
    [ broadband 882 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 779 KB | stream ]
Strange places
    [ broadband 855 KB | stream ]
Kenny's Funk
    [ broadband 930 KB | stream ]
6/8 Overlap
    [ broadband 786 KB | stream ]

Album list

music from another planet

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collective improvisation direct-to-disc

Music From Another Planet strikes a chord - with the galaxy.

The music created for this Double Album is music born of passion and driven by planetary rhythm. Within the universe of light and matter, this music brings you a universe of sound. In Earthly terms, it is something like Pink Floyd with chops playing collective jazz improvisation.

Moving in waves, with long threads of discussion, the music undergoes evolution within the jams. From the gentle rocking of Troy to the funky intensity of Taking Off, the music rises as the discussion deepens. A backdrop of fluid sound supports searing guitar solos, harmonically dense keyboard solos, and classic bass solos.

This other-worldly music builds in intensity throughout the two discs, ending in a jam which could be desrcibed as World Music on Planet Earth. After having come through the Galaxy on your return, you find you have landed where you started, transformed while the rest of the world sleeps, unaware of your journey (unless your stereo is really loud). For them, no time has passed. For you, Music From Another Planet has carried you away and back again.

Take the journey today.


Musicians learn to play with one another simply by doing so. The sessions and gigs that J.D. and the Sons of Ryhthm have done together have provided the experience. Midtown Recording Studios, Forward Hall, and now the Roadhouse Theatre, have all provided the locations. The forays into uncharted waters have provided the inspiration.

Inspiration seemingly other-worldly.

Now, the music has landed.

The fruits of inspiration became MUSIC FROM ANOTHER PLANET, 15 tracks of music on 2 discs.


"We decided to remain in the same format on this, our fourth Album; on the spot improvisation. On six of these songs, we used both Tony and Dave. The double bass format worked beyond my imagination. Neither Tony nor Dave had worked in a double bass situation, but handled themselves well enought technically and tastefully that I found what they did quite amazing. Sheldon played with us for the first time, but it won't be the last. Frank and Mike obviously always make it work and are permanent fixtures with us. Everyone seems comfortable with our floating polyrhythmic concept. Kenny and Scott add a different dimension which makes this project a well-rounded musical journey.

"We hope you enjoy what we are doing. All these players know how to create musical images that are colorful, complex and flowing. Jayson, Rickie and I just love working with this amazing group of people."


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Music Production ©2004 J.D. Records, Richard Carl Hopkins, All Rights Reserved
Promotion Distribution ©2004 Frank Singer, Naked Kitty Productions, All Rights Reserved

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