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the players

Frank Singer
Mike Ohm
David Blaetz
Tony Stefanelli
Mike Chin
Ralph Reitinger
Jayson Hopkins
Rickie Hopkins
Randy Hetherington
Keith Homerski
J.D. Hopkins
Jeremy Quezada


production.....J.D. Hopkins
engineering.....Keith Homerski
      & Randy Hetherington
mix.....Keith Homerski
      & Randy Hetherington
cover art.....Sue Buck
cover design.....Mark Saunders
recorded at Midtown Recording
CD Duplication by FAR
Printing by Diane at PIP
©2004 J.D. Records

disk 1

    [ broadband 358 KB | stream ]
Song for Fred
    [ broadband 552 KB | stream ]
City Nights
    [ broadband 396 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 709 KB | stream ]
The Spaceship Organic
    [ broadband 768 KB | stream ]
One World Funk
    [ broadband 552 KB | stream ]
The Mind of Frank
    [ broadband 477 KB | stream ]
The Stroll
    [ broadband 552 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 396 KB | stream ]
Being There
    [ broadband 477 KB | stream ]
One too many Trips
    [ broadband 442 KB | stream ]
Kricki (crocodile hunter)
    [ broadband 436 KB | stream

disk 2

Walkin' to Africa
    [ broadband 814 KB | stream ]
Night Creatures
    [ broadband 413 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 402 KB | stream ]
Fights of Fancy
    [ broadband 907 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 744 KB | stream ]
Serenghetti Shuffle
    [ broadband 593 KB | stream ]
Manu's Beat
    [ broadband 709 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 628 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 529 KB | stream ]
    [ broadband 791 KB | stream ]


Album list

primate gestures

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collective improvisation direct-to-disc

In some ways, PRIMATE GESTURES is the most beautiful music to come out of the collective improvisations of J.D. and the Sons. There are still the toe-tapping, good-time jams that characterize all of the group's efforts, but there is a different touch here, with a sense of calm that seems to reflect the times and lives of the musicians.

The opening track is the Sons' first experiment with overdubbing, having one other track on this Album using the same concept. Foreshadowing what was to come on the first side of IMAGINATION DOCTORS, this layered approach tends to be more encapsulated and smooth.

From there, the live playing takes over, with a free-flowing rhythm starting out the set. This album brings together many of the core musicians of the next six discs for the first time, and there is a sense of 'feeling each other out' that inevitably fades in future recordings as familiarity allows for quicker reflexes from the improvisors.

This does not prevent the music from having the same confidence and enjoyment that J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm are known for. Threads were followed and developed, and themes were stated, with the same delight as the later projects. The only non-rhythm section players on PRIMATE GESTURES are Singer and Ohm, who approach their soloing as always, with hunger and intensity. The open harmonic field surrounding this helps create the spaciousness of the sound, and enhances the subtle flavor of this music.

PRIMATE GESTURES began the cohesion of the current group, and in addition to showing where the group is coming from, has the added benefit of, on the whole, having the most impressionistic tone produced to date. Get a copy to relax with and enjoy today!

PRIMATE GESTURES, 22 tracks of music on 2 discs.


"...we remained with the format of live jamming with no preconceived notion as to what we were going to do. The only exceptions were the two songs that Frank Singer overdubbed over some drum beats. With Frank and Mike Ohm we knew creative things would happen. Add to this the incredible bass players and you have magic. We hope you enjoy."


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Music Production ©2004 J.D. Records, Richard Carl Hopkins, All Rights Reserved
Promotion Distribution ©2004 Frank Singer, Naked Kitty Productions, All Rights Reserved

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